LAX Hydro Vacuum Cleaner

The LAX is a portable wet-to-dry filtration cleaner and can even filter coolant while the machine is in operation.   


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  • Easy operation 
  •   Runs on single phase power and is portable for use with multiple machines
  • No downtime
  •   The LAX does not reduce tank coolant level, therefore
  •   it can be used while the machine is running
  • Capable of drawing in air 
  •   As the pump can draw in air the unit is capable of drying
  •   sludge after cleaning the tank for easy disposal.
  •   There is no need for external air supply
    •  Flow diagram

Case study 1. Centerless grinding machine
  Material : Steel
  Machine : Centerless grinding machine with 100 L tank
  Sludge collection time : 10 min
  Dehydration time : 10 sec  


Case study 2. : Running machining center
  Material : Aluminum
  Sludge collection time : 10 min
  Dehydration time : ~2 min