Regenerative Turbine Pump

One of the most important features of NIKUNI regenerative turbine pumps is having the impellers fastened to the pump shafts, which is different from other similar pumps. The precise clearance between the impeller and pump body and pump cover is the prerequisite to obtain steady flow and head to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability. Strict engineering and quality control standards have been adopted in NIKUNI regenerative turbine pump manufacturing processes, assuring precision, parallelism, concentricity, and overall allowance limits of all pump parts and final assembly precision of the pump. This helps solves the problems of inevitable deteriorated performance and short life expectancy of many similar pumps with floating impellers caused by metal frictions and wears and tears in the pumps.

Centrifugal Pump

NIKUNI supplies different types of stainless steel centrifugal pumps to meet the demand of various industrial applications. Available models include CL(D) Series medium duty pump for common industrial applications, CT(D) Series for heavy duty pumps for petrochemical & chemical industries, CPFD Series for self priming applications and magnetic driven motor pumps for highly corrosive or explosive liquids, etc.
NIKUNI centrifugal pumps are designed in accordance to the dominating JISstandards employing advanced hydraulic patterns and structures. The basic performance, working efficiency and performance stability of each series of pumps are equal to or superior than similar products made by leading domestic or foreign pump manufacturers.
NIKUNI has been trying its best in utilizing the right materials in its centrifugal pumps such as the wet parts, shaft seals and seal protection plans basing on the application conditions to ensure long service life without pump failures in order not to cause inconveniences to the users .

Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Industrial gases, especially condensable gases, flammable and explosive gases, corrosive and toxic gases cannot be transmitted without liquid-ring vacuum pump and compressor.
NIKUNI is an expert in the field of liquid-ring vacuum pumps and compressors.
NIKUNI is not only engaged in the production of vacuum pumps and compressors. With many years of painstaking research and development, it has also accumulated rich experience in the analysis of application process requirements and the engineering technology of complete liquid-ring vacuum pump and compressor packages. This enables us to provide customers with full-range reasonable and value-added solutions.

Hydra-Cell Pump

NIKUNI Hydra-Cell positive displacement pumps feature a seal-less pumping chamber so there are no seals, packing or cups to leak or replace. The seal-less design and check valves enable Hydra-Cell to handle abrasives and particulates that would damage other types of pumps.In addition, Hydra-Cell can run dry indefinitely without damage to the pump.
NIKUNI Hydra-Cell positive displacement pumps are engineered to pump liquids at the range of 1 to 7 MPa. Liquids to be pumped can be clean or dirty, corrosive or abrasive, gasified or containing fine particles.
The multiple-diaphragm design of Hydra-Cell provides virtually pulse-less, linear flow without the need for expensive pulsation dampeners.